Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-15

  • way too many failures today on various tools and apps. Everyone hold on a minute, I'm rebooting the internet. #
  • I just broke my favorite tea mug. Hoping I can find the Potter again at the Saturday market to buy a replacement. #
  • excited about today's pilot launch — over one year in the planning. Whoo! #
  • @Lelonopo The Tall bikes make me anxious because sometimes they have clowns. in reply to Lelonopo #
  • @NoahGK it's an old one and pretty basic: in reply to NoahGK #
  • pleased to see my own article ranking #1 in a query related to a metrics question I'm researching. sadly, I did not answer my own question #
  • welcoming the official start of hot tea season with an inaugural pot of red tea #
  • oh come on! Jeff Pendergraph Out for the Season #
  • finally figured out how @wordstockfest works. $7/day for most events! I think. if true, the website should really market that. just saying #
  • Time To Think Carefully About Which Country Hosts Your URL Shortener via @sengineland #
  • @NoahGK & @TiffanyWinman, I would add to that, I also do more complaining before 9am about early morning calls than most people do all day #
  • no calls from Sweden today. Once again I was passed over for the Nobel Prize for twitterature. Maybe someday…. #

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